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Winner of the Best Work Awards (9): A second home finished with shikkui, realizing a perfect match with its beams |Shikkui DIY

This plastering project was conducted in a house with a splendid view and exposed beams which were specially designed and crafted by a local carpenter. The owners of the house, Mr. and Mrs. N, knew that wallpaper would not be a good fit. They decided instead to apply Umaku Nureru shikkui plaster for DIY, which they knew from their local home center. As a result, they were able to complete their second home in shikkui with a texture that perfectly matched the other design features.



Very happy with the plastered walls of their two-story atrium

Even finishing the joints between the gypsum boards and the difficult-to-plaster areas of the wall close to their stairs by themselves, the husband and wife team faced some difficulty, but the use of Umaku Nureru smoothed their way. And despite the difficulties, they enjoyed working together again on a project, creating good memories for their future. The couple say that the most attractive feature in their house is the high shikkui walls of their two-story atrium.





Umaku Nureru is a well-designed product

“A good point about this shikkui is that it is ready-mixed. This means that you don’t have to mix the powder with any additives and knead it before you can use it. Since we were using it by ourselves, we felt that we couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t ready-mixed. Another advantage is that you don’t have to complete the work in a day. That’s convenient for non-professional users like us, who aren’t sure how much they can apply in a day. I think this shikkui is a really well-designed product,” said Mr. N.