DIY Stories

Winner of the Best Work Awards (5): Beautifully-finished white walls plastered by a first-time user

As someone with an avid interest in interior design, Mrs. W. had been yearning for shikkui walls. Husband and wife found a book on DIY in a library and selected the shikkui introduced in it. That shikkui was Umaku Nureru. Mr. W. had never applied plaster before but Umaku Nureru helped him to create beautifully-finished smooth white walls for his wife and son.



A comfortable warmth that can only be realized using a natural material

Mr. W. applied white plaster to walls throughout the house, from the loft to the living room, forgetting the time as he worked. In combination with pieces of wooden furniture selected by his wife, these walls have created comfortable living spaces for the family. They feature light and shade created by trowel marks and a slightly uneven finish, and together these produce the distinctive flavor of a surface coated by a DIY plasterer using a natural material.



自然素材ならではの心地よい温もり。 屋根裏部屋からリビングルーム、ご主人が時間を忘れて塗った白漆喰と、奥様が選んだ木製の家具が作り上げる心地よい住まい。コテ跡で生まれた仕上がりの濃淡やムラが自然素材ならではであり、DIYならではです。


Bright rooms with clean air

24 large cans of Umaku Nureru later, Mr. W. gives the finished work a score of 95 out of 100. He says, “Since we came to live in this house, we don’t need asthma medication for our son anymore. The air is different. Next, I’m going to plaster the walls of the toilet and my office, aiming for a really smooth finish.”