Shikkui Umaku Nureru
High-quality shikkui
that anyone can apply easily

Shikkui Umaku Nureru is a lime plaster for DIY use. Designed to allow any user to plaster any surface easily, it is intended not only for professional plasterers but also first-time DIY users. It is manufactured at our plant under strict quality control, by using a plenty of natural resources as gift from mountains. Umaku Nureru is a shikkui* of the highest quality as the fruit of the technological capacity, experience, and knowledge that Nippon Plaster Co., Ltd. has cultivated over the course of its 95 years of history. It has become the first choice of a growing legion of customers since its launch in 2003, used to plaster surfaces of various residences and commercial facilities.

What is shikkui?

A highly attractive wall-coating material derived from coral reefs in the ocean

Shikkui is a wall-coating material to be applied with a trowel. It is made mainly from lime hydrate (calcium hydroxide). This prime ingredient of shikkui originates from a surprising source: coral reefs. Coral reefs at the bottom of the sea rose out of the ocean due to crustal movement or the similar phenomenon, thus forming lands. Those lands are the lime deposits, where limestone is mined. Lime hydrate is made by calcinating limestone in a high-temperature furnace and adding water to it.

Our plant is located in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is a leading limestone production area in Japan. The main ingredient of Shikkui Umaku Nureru is lime hydrate made from limestone that is locally mined in the city.

Due to the properties it has as a strong alkaline material, shikkui has effects that make rooms comfortable. Apply shikkui on walls of a room, and the air in the room becomes so fresh that you will be tempted to take a deep breath.

Shikkui also makes a room look much brighter, making you feel as if you were in a different room. It also reduces your worries about mold and condensation.

Shikkui Umaku Nureru is a promising solution to problems of your living spaces. Try this shikkui for DIY, whether you’re building or renovating!

Features of Shikkui Umaku Nureru

It saves you the trouble of having to mix it with other materials. Because it is a paste, you can use it safely without the risk of powder spillage. You don’t need to worry about messing up the surrounding area, either.

The paste material does not drip and mess up the floor. In addition, you can adjust it to your preferred softness.

Shikkui Umaku Nureru can be applied directly to various surfaces, such as wallpaper (vinyl cloth), Japanese-style walls, and gypsum boards.

You don’t have to throw out leftover Shikkui Umaku Nureru. Store it in a sealed container, and you can use it in the future.

It allows you to freely create any pattern on the surface. You can do so with a trowel or by hand, whichever you like.

A wall coated with Shikkui Umaku Nureru is hard and resistant to cracking. Marks and dirt can be removed easily.

Reduces condensation

Shikkui adjusts humidity of the room, absorbing and releasing moisture.


Absorbs formaldehyde

Shikkui Umaku Nureru does not contain formaldehyde but absorbs it.



Shikkui Umaku Nureru makes the room brighter with the effect of reflecting light gently.


Shikkui Umaku Nureru is antibacterial and antiviral*.

Deodorizes the room

Shikkui Umaku Nureru eliminates unpleasant odors.



Shikkui Umaku Nureru is incombustible. It can be used for surfaces around a fireplace and a kitchen.

Prevents mold

Shikkui Umaku Nureru has the effect of inhibiting the development of mold.

Tough and durable

A wall coated with Shikkui Umaku Nureru is highly robust and will not become flaky.

* Official tests have confirmed that Shikkui Umaku Nureru is antiviral against influenza A and antibacterial against E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Product lineup

Shikkui Umaku Nureru can be applied directly to wallpaper, Japanese-style walls, and gypsum boards. For plywood, concrete, and surfaces finished with paint, apply Shikkui Umaku Nureru (For Undercoat) before finishing them with Shikkui Umaku Nureru (For Finish Coat).
It is available in three container sizes and 18 colors. (The one in Bengala is available in tube only.)

Rich color variations (18 colors)



Charcoal Gray

Powder Gray




Cherry Blossom Pink

Smoky Green

Bright Green


Smoky Brown

Yellow Ocher

Blue Gray

Smoky Blue


Concrete Gray



  • Products in the smoky colors and gray colors (six colors in total) are available in 5 kg cans and 18 kg cans only.
  • The one in Bengala is available in tube only.
  • Actual colors will differ slightly from the colors shown at this website.

*The page is available in Japanese only.

Hands-on experience

We have established Umaku Nureru LABO in Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan, where we give Shikkui DIY classes regularly for customers who want to know more about Shikkui Umaku Nureru and those who want to learn how to apply it before using it. In addition, our employees give demonstrations and hold sessions for hands-on experience of shikkui DIY at home centers across Japan. Both are free to attend. Click on the link below for details.

*The page is available in Japanese only.

How to buy our products

Buy at our online shop

Shikkui Umaku Nureru is available online at our official website. Place an order by 14:00 on a weekday, and we will ship your order on the same day.
Please note that we ship our products only to destinations in Japan, and we do not export our products at present.

*The page is available in Japanese only.

Buy at home centers in Japan

Shikkui Umaku Nureru is sold at approx. 2,000 home centers in Japan. Click on the link below to check where it is available. Contact each home center directly to check which colors and how many cans are in stock.

*The page is available in Japanese only.

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