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[Restaurant] A much-loved udon noodle restaurant creates a shikkui space in a “modern Japanese” style

The light and shade of shikkui conveys calmness and depth

The Award of Excellence in the 11th Umaku Nureru Best Work Awards went to this distinctive but tasteful shikkui space. The restaurant is designed in a modern Japanese style realized using Umaku Nureru shikkui plaster and timber, and customers can feel the warmth of the handiwork that went into its creation. In a word, it is simply magnificent. The name of this sanuki udon restaurant, which offers customers both a stylish interior and delicious noodles, is Sanuki Udon Nonoka (222-1 Hirakuchi, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka).

Umaku Nureru applied to gypsum boards as the foundation

To create the interior of this restaurant, Umaku Nureru shikkui plaster was first applied to fill in the joints between the gypsum boards on the walls, following which our shikkui was also used to produce a rough finish on the surface.

A warmth and expressiveness only possible using shikkui

The combination of soft lighting and shikkui walls gives the space a unique warmth, and the texture of the shikkui takes the atmosphere of the restaurant to a new level. Customers are now able to enjoy the restaurant’s delicious sanuki udon noodles in a wonderfully atmospheric space created by shikkui.

Comment from the customer

It is entirely thanks to Umaku Nureru that I was able to succeed in creating such a calm, atmospheric space. The unevenness of the finish might make it look like an amateur did it, but that just adds to the atmosphere. That’s even true for the parts that I had to go back and do again. Umaku Nureru is easy to apply, and all I can say is that the work was really a pleasure.