DIY Stories

Winner of the Best Work Awards (4): The owner of an eyelash extension salon applies shikkui to the walls of her building, where she also lives

Ms. A. coated the walls of her first-floor eyelash extension salon, including the entrance to the building, with Umaku Nureru shikkui plaster. Then she went on to plaster her private residence on the second floor. The three-dimensional finish of the wall surfaces creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Her DIY work has turned badly stained 14-year-old vinyl wallpaper into beautifully-finished shikkui surfaces!



The shikkui walls make the café-like interior of the salon a healing space

Ms. A applied the plaster in a relaxed manner, and that feeling shines through in the texture of the walls. The feel of the interior is also popular with customers, who remark that “it’s like a café” and “it has a very healing atmosphere.” Ms. A. herself also finds the comfortable space that she has created gives her a new pleasure in her work.



漆喰カフェ風サロンは癒しの空間。 力を抜いて施工した漆喰壁の仕上がりは、マツエクサロンに訪れるお客様からも、カフェ風サロンのようで、とても癒されると好評。オーナー自身も心地よい空間で楽しく自分らしい仕事ができて嬉しいと語る。


Umaku Nureru was recommended by a home center employee

Ms. A. had started to experiment with DIY six months before she commenced her plastering project. Engaged in a project of making tables and chairs for herself, she became a regular visitor to her local home center. One day an employee recommended Umaku Nureru shikkui. Ms. A. initially thought that she would only apply the plaster to the toilet walls, but ended up using it to revamp all the walls in her building. The results are very impressive, with a rough texture and a fascinating play of light and shadow creating a dynamic expression.