DIY Stories

Enjoying DIY with the family using Umaku Nureru shikkui

Enjoying DIY with shikkui

This family used shikkui to renovate their condominium, which was more than 30 years old. Everyone joined in and the family applied Umaku Nureru together, with the children taking the job as seriously as their parents. The result of their hard work was awarded the Grand Prize in the 2nd Umaku Nureru Best Work Awards. We visited the family after the job was completed, and found the surfaces finished so beautifully that we couldn’t believe that they had applied the plaster using their hands. We were impressed!

The family enjoyed applying shikkui using their hands!

The family applied the plaster together using just their hands, which is definitely the easiest and most enjoyable way of using Umaku Nureru. Slapping the plaster on together without holding back, they had a great time, and created a memory that the family will look back on with pleasure.

A beautiful finish with a unique texture when light plays on it

Walls coated with Umaku Nureru shikkui plaster reflect a soft light from indoor illumination. When plastered using the hands, the walls have an uneven texture, which produces light and shadow on the surfaces. The walls look different from moment to moment – this is the unique result that you can achieve doing it yourself with Umaku Nureru shikkui.

Comment from the customer

We wanted to try doing one or two walls of each room with our children. We did it using our hands, which was easy and enjoyable for my two-year-old son, five-year-old daughter, and nine-year-old son as well. The texture of Umaku Nureru adds an accent to each wall. And applying the plaster by hand instead of using trowels allowed us to really express ourselves and give each room a unique flavor.