DIY Stories

A young expectant mother tries DIY plastering to create a comfortable space for her new baby

A comfortable space created by taking time

An expectant mother taking time to create a nurturing space for her new baby was the winner of the Award of Excellence in the 7th Umaku Nureru Best Work Awards. The space that she and her husband created is finished in Umaku Nureru shikkui plaster and real wood, and is a very impressive piece of work.

Shikkui walls finished carefully by an expectant mother

Imagining how comfortable her new daughter would be in her room, she took her time, carefully finishing the walls with Umaku Nureru shikkui plaster. These walls are filled with love!

Time and care create a comfortable space

Walls that were previously badly stained have become bright and clean. Plaster and timber come together to create a comfortable space for three.

A comment from the customer

When we knew that we were expecting a daughter, we wanted to create a bright, clean room with a natural feel. That’s why we plastered the walls with care, taking time. I was surprised at how easy Umaku Nureru was to apply! This was the room in which we slept with our daughter for the first time. Our daughter will grow up healthy and strong, surrounded by the natural feel of shikkui and the fragrance of real wood. Thanks to Umaku Nureru , my husband, myself and our unborn daughter were able to plaster the walls of this special room together.